November 29, 2005

Packet updates November 28


Over the past week or so there has been some updates and changes to the packet radio node at the Empire repeater site.

The system as of today consists of an MFJ1270B running X1J-4 TheNet code (BENZ03) and feeding a SyntorX on 145.09 and into the dualband X50 at 100'.

There is also an MFJ1270C running X1J-4 TheNet code (BENZ04) and feeding the remote base SyntorX on 145.76, which is feeding the former 6mtr repeater antenna at 100'. Also on this 100' level six meter antenna is receiver #3 on 52.42 and #4 on 53.42 w/146.2hz pl.

The node stack for packet contains cabling that allows for a third node, which may be installed this fall if the weather continues to permit. The third node would be on 431.90 mhz and used primarily to communicate with a Jnos BBS in the KF8KK workshop.

Today I also was able to run the battery charger on the backup battery for a few hours. There was a power outage for most of the day earlier in the week and the battery was in need of recharging.

Otherwise, all appears well. KG8CU happened to come on the air at an opportune time and the voting receivers all appeared functional, his 5w signal on 449.725 still lit up all three receivers, and the signal to the #1 receiver was DFQ. He also lit up all three 52.42 receivers when on that band, though it wanted to vote for the W8TVC site.

The weather radio was also reset at this time.

73 de KF8KK

November 04, 2005

6m Rcvrs added - Packet TNC removed


Due to some apparent intermod problems now affecting the tower site during the cooler weather, I decided it was time to move forward, at least in an interim manner, and add additional receivers at the main site. Looking at the VHF-LO RF coming down the antenna line from the former rptr antenna it is obvious that something new in the area is causing wideband noise--- as this appears different from the cellphone based intermod experienced during the summer. This intermod being more wideband in nature.

A 52.42 (RCA 700--- from the backup rptr) receiver and a 53.42 (146.2hz PL) GE DeltaS receiver was added to the system and connected to the old 6m repeater antenna (through a Comet Triplexer) at the 100' level. These receivers are now RX3 and RX4 on the LDG 6m voting comparator.

The 53.42 receiver seemed to tolerate operating without any RF filtering, though the RCA receiver needed the addition of one bandpass cavity to reduce the desense to nearly zero (though it's not quite there). The triplexer was installed to allow for future use of the antenna
by the 2m packet station. I will get one section of 52.92 notch stub in line with these antennas, as it appears that modulation on 52.92 does somehow get into the 53.42 receiver to some extent.

While at the site tonight, I also noticed that the MFJ1270C packet TNC had yet again crashed (three red LED's lit on the front panel). This is now the second time the unit crashed in the same manner in two days. It's obviously time to put the unit on the workbench-- and that's where it is.

Have a ducky day! 73 KF8KK