April 26, 2006

Packet Node Changes

Greetings! It's been a fine winter and the repeater ran well all winter with the exception of a period of time when it was extremely cold and the VHF remote base did not properly link 'to' the 147.04 repeater (rx of the Benzie repeater was OK). It is working now that I am back to look into it and no 'smoking gun' was found. The suspect components were not the problem.

On the packet scene, the primary packet node has been moved to 145.07 (from 145.09) and has a new call/alias of wI0OK-7 / BEN11 . Additionally, the secondary vhf packet node has been assigned the call/alias of wI0OK-8 / BENQMN and remains on 145.76.

The UHF packet node has been transformed into a bit-regenerative duplex packet repeater (1200 baud) and transmits on 433.100 with receive on 438.100MHz. This repeater is attached to the wI0OK-2 / BEN12 TheNet X1j node.

All the packet nodes at the site are TheNet X1j4 and have tcp/ip routing enabled and configured. The node on 145.07 is, The node on 145.76 is, and the node on 433.1 is These communicate with my Jnos hamgate at .

The 433.1 packet repeater has no preamp yet (it will need one) and operates using a Motorola Mitrek with 20w out of the six cavity 'mobile' duplexer. The packet equipment is connected to the Diamond X50a antenna at 100' on the tower.

John KF8KK