June 23, 2007

Intermittant feedback fix incorporated


This morning (FD!) a small board with timing and switching logic was incorporated in the PORT-2 I/O for the W8TVC/r RC210.

Apparently, the RC210 would on occasion open up the audio path from the received PORT-2 audio during times when it was also transmitting on PORT-2 with the audio from PORT-1. This isn't supposed to happen, but it does. Usually this manifestation takes a few minutes of PORT-1 'key down' to start and commences with a popping sound and then opens up into a really swell echoey feedback until the Port-1 signal dissappears. The feedback loop included the Empire systems.

The added board simply disconnects the incoming (from the W8TVC RC210 port2 perspective) COS and audio whenever there is PTT asserted on port2. An additional timer is incorporated so that these inputs are not returned to active for a full second after outbound PTT ceases, this should take care of the effects of audio delays and switching times.

73 John KF8KK

June 18, 2007

W8TVC/r Controller upgrade project commences


Today the new Arcom RC210 controller was installed at the W8TVC 145.27 repeater.

This installation will be spread over a few days and it's certain that a handful of 'gotchas' will be discovered and eliminated over the next few weeks.

Temporarily the Echolink node has been put in VOX mode until a phantom repeater-COS to Echolink signal is identified and eliminated.

John KF8KK